Nothing Says Tranquility Like A Plane Soaring Overhead

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...


After a long day spent staring directly at the glowing soul-sucker we call a computer, there is nothing nicer than sitting outside, away from all of the world’s technology and hiding from the day’s problems. Going outside and hearing the wind blow quietly through the trees, maybe the chirp of a bird in the distance, can be just the cure-all you need.

At least this is what I assume. I wouldn’t know myself. I never really have this tranquility as an option.

After work today, I thought this sounded nice. It had been a very long day full of the tedium of office work. Escaping to nature seemed like a great idea. The trouble with this, though, is that I don’t live in nature. Or near nature. Unless taco trucks count as nature, it is very difficult to find either flora or fauna to marvel at. Still, I thought…

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