Opting out of Facebook

Originally posted on MARGARET ROSE STRINGER:

I’ve given up.

As I’m unable to force my business/author page to turn itself into the hero, and every activity I undertake relating to FB continues to append itself to my personal page, I’ve cancelled out. I’ve tried everything suggested to me as a solution by the people to whom I turned for assistance, including FB’s own Help!: in a couple of instances, the first time I did [whatever] it worked, and I was thrilled; but thereafter everything reverted to the author page’s being something I was obliged to work on manually, because nothing done outside could be posted to it.

I honestly do not see what benefit I can gain on Facebook, anyway, in terms of pushing ATLMD (as regular readers know, that is the reason behind my blogging). I mean, honestly. If I were an author of multiple books, perhaps; because then there would be lots of headings…

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